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March 2012 Requests

19 Jan

March 2012 request is out in the ROMS page.

Electives for March 2012:

Badariah PICU

Izwah PICU

Fariza IPR

Shahir IPR

Haizam Cardio

Suhaila Cardio

Rohaz KIV Cardio

Isqandar in Medical because of 3rd time father

Zuhdi Medical

Rasydan CT UKM

Department’s Calendar Events

13 Jan

Our dept’s calendar events are added in the ROMS page. Please look through it to plan for your leaves. As a guide, trainees taking exams will be given preferences during the preparation period and leaves frozen for non-exam candidates.

Likewise, during non-critical period, preferences will be given to non-exam candidates for leaves and electives.

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11 Jan

Welcome to this site, where roster related announcements will be periodically made.

To see or request for roster, please click on the ROMS page at the side.

I wish you all health so not to EL, safe and sound to do your calls and not to irritate my balls!