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April & May 2012

17 Feb

Request for April & May 2012 are out in ROMS page

Reminder that request for each month ends on 18th of the month

A few angels who have no requests please fill up a blank form so that I know you have not forgotten

New: the pleading of cases are now hidden, only me can read your ridiculous pleads

As for April study leave:

Final Group 1 (Leave 7/4 -13/4, oncall weekend 14-15/4, work 16-18/4, Leave 19-23/4)

Final Group 2 (Leave 14-23/4)

Final Oral (Leave 10-13/5)

Primary Group (Leave 26/4 – 9/5)

As there are 4 main study groups [Khairul, Faizal, Johnny, Aizatul], please decide which group (1/2) you want to take. I sugggest combination of [Khairul + Johnny] and [Faizal + Aizatul] as this will equally divide you guys to 11 or 12 per study group. I will not entertain Leave request from registrars during study leave period.