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Primary Intensive Course 2013

22 Jan

Primary Intensive Course for Anaesthesiology 2013

18 February -1 March 2013

Please click here for more info and registration


Feedback for Final Intensive Course in Anaesthesiology 2013

18 Jan

Dear all,

As this course is coming to an end, I would like to ask for your feedback on this course, and also your suggestions to help us improve better. Enter your email address and I will send the model answers to that email on coming Monday 21 Jan 2013.

The online feedback form is located here

I thank you for your joining us and hope that you have learnt a thing or two for the coming part 2 exam.

Good luck.

Request for February 2013

13 Jan

Request for Feb 2013 is out (for a limited time). Please request before the the last stroke 18th Jan.

Please take note that the request is from 1st Feb to 3rd March. There are 13 PHs in that period. Please do not be selfish and book all the long holidays.

The Primary intensive course is from 18 Feb to 1 March. We are NOT closing the OT for this course. First year trainees (incuding Nov 2013 candidates) do not have to request in the roster. I will put it for you.

Those without request please send in a blank form.