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Roster Request for January 2014

16 Dec

You can request for January 2014. Request period is from 1 Jan to 3 Feb. Closing date is noon of 20 Dec (Fri).

Final Intensive Course from 6 – 18 Jan 2014. No leaves during that period. Expect some EOD calls.

Please note that there are 19 weekdays and freaking 13 days of PH/weekend.

As a general rule, request only the days that you need (remember you have 7 requests). If you are final year, the weekend available for you to oncall will be the last two weekends. Unless you are celebrating CNY, I do not expect you to take the whole of CNY stretch.

2 Jan: Only those with childrenĀ starting Standard 1 will be given preference.

Request fairly if you do not want to incur my wrath!