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Roster request for February 2017

23 Jan

Dear all,

Roster request for February 2017 is now opened.

Duration: 6th Feb to 5th March 2017.

Closing on 12 noon, Thursday, 26th January 2017.

Please note that leaves will be frozen during Final intensive course,

from 13th February to 24th February.


A heads-up on study weeks before examination.

Leaves are frozen from 20th March till 21st April.

The plans during that time are (please read carefully):

20th March – 24th March: Study leaves for primary candidates.

27th March – 31st March: Study leaves for final candidates.

3rd April – 7th April: Study leaves for primary candidates.

9th & 10th April: Primary Written Examination.

12th April: All primary candidates will start working (Kindly re-check your transportation/travel schedule).

10th April – 14th April: Study leaves for final candidates.

17th April: Final Written Examination.

This heads-up is for you to plan your leaves. Do not accumulate your leaves at the end of semester (May 2017). Long leaves in May 2017 will not be entertained. You are not allowed to bring forward the remaining leaves to the next semester.

Thank you.