16 Jul

Dear trainees,

Roster request for Aug and September are open simultaneously because i’m going for a long leave in Aug & Sep for Hajj

Closing date 22.7.2018 @ 6pm

I will not allow leave request via whatsapp anymore.Do not expect me to entertain your leave request if you do not request via ROMS

Important dates


15-18th Aug : SIVA World Congress

Almost 30 trainees and majority of lecturers are involve with this Congress.

Leaves are frozen during that time

22nd Aug; Hari Raya Haji

31 Aug: Merdeka Day


10th-11th Sep: Agung’s Birthday & Awal Muharam

17th Sep: Malaysia Day Holiday (No stretch leaves allowed unless planned leaves which has been approved by me & Prof Raha before)

20th- 23rd Sep; ASMIC 2018 Leaves are limited

17-21 september: Study leaves for primary exam (Leaves are limited)

24th-28th Sep : Primary Intensive Course in JB (This intensive course not entitled for unrecorded leave)+  Study leaves for Final exam  (Leaves are frozen)



Dr Nazihah


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