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Roster Request 2020

16 Feb

Dear trainees,

Roster for March 2020 is now open for request.

Closing date 21st Feb 2020 @ 10pm

Study Period for Primary trainees fall on 16/3/20- 22/3/20 and 30/3/20- 5/4/20. Where else study period for final year trainees is from 23/3/20- 29/3/20 and 6/4/20- 11/4/20.

Thank you

Roster request Feb 2020

13 Jan

Dear trainees,

Roster for Feb 2020 is now open for request.

Closing date 18th Jan 2020 @ 8pm

Thank you

Roster request January 2020

15 Dec

Dear trainees,

Roster for Jan 2020 is now open for request.

Closing date 21st 2020 @ 8pm

There is some changes at the monthly posting, kindly recheck before you put your request.

Thank you

Roster Request Dis 2019

11 Nov

Dear trainees,

Roster for Dis 2019 is now open for request.

Closing date 17th Nov 2019 @ 8pm

Thank you

Roster Request Nov 2019

21 Oct

Dear trainees,

Roster for November is now open for request

Primary viva 4th- 8th Nov 2019

Final viva 18th-22nd Nov 2019

Leaves at the end of semester will be prioritized to those who are leaving.

Thank you


Roster Request Oct 2019

12 Sep

Dear trainees,

Roster for Oct is open now for request. Leaves are frozen on dates below;

30 sep, 1 oct, 7-8 oct.

Leaves are limited during final written exam week and plentiful during primary written week.

Closing date: Thursday , 19 sep @ 8am

Thank you

Roster Request Sept 2019

16 Aug

Dear trainees,

Roster for Sept in now open for request. PPUKM will implement new system for oncall claim. Everyone will need to log in out for work everyday when u r but on leave. You can no longer change your call according to your convenient. All changes for call must be made through PTM via Master Roster Maker (more hassle). No request will be entertained if you fail to request via ROMS. Many of you did not request for K and made a request via WA which seriously annoyed me.

Closing date for request will be 22nd Aug 2019 @ 8am

Thank you

Roster Request August 2019

15 Jul

Dear trainees,

Roster for august is now open for request.

Closing date: 18th July 2019 @ 12 Noon

Thank you

Roster Request July 2019

19 Jun

Dear trainees,

I have updated posting for this semester. You can get it from ROMS.

Roster july is now open for request.

Important dates:

  1. 5th -7th July : MSA 2019 in Ipoh
  2. 27th July: Anaesthesia Night 2019

Closing date 24th June 2019 @ 8 am

Thank you

Roster Request June 2019

10 May

Dear trainees,

Welcome to new trainees. Congratulations to those passing recent exam. You can start your June roster request now. To trainees who already exhaust their 48 months HLP and need to report back to KKM in June 2019, kindly inform me your name so i can exclude your from roster. Only those who has extension letter will be included in roster next month. To Mustaza and Fazlina , kindly update me if you both coming next sem. Thank you

Closing date: 17th may 2019 @ 9 pm